But home is nowhere

18 April
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what? why would i want to do that?
I don't know you moron, this is YOUR profile!!
hey dont take that tone with me dammit. im just gonna be used by u to carry your sponsors
Excuse me? We offer you a completely free journal with all these neat add-ons, and you have the audacity to complain about us advertising? I swear some people have a lot of nerve!!
well excuse me if im picky about being a corporate tool.
Oh do shut up!
now u listen here, i could take u.
Bring it you snotty little prick.
shut up!!!!!!! u and all your dam voices, shut the hell up before i make u god dammit.
Now who's being uncivil?
oh fine dammit but im not happy.
Do you think maybe you should get on to other sections of this profile?
i gues.